Our Residential Key Holding & Emergency First Response Service ensures that if your burglar alarm has activated, a neighbour has seen a problem or the Police, fire or Ambulance service require access to your home, they can guarantee to contact someone quickly to respond and rectify problems that are encountered.

98% of alarm activations are false.. wasting time & money
98% of alarm activations are false.. wasting time & money

As we know, Police resources are being stretched daily and their attendance at your home depends on their operational commitments.

If you currently use a family member or friend he or she would have the unpleasant duty of entering your home alone, straight into what could be a High Risk situation.

Should damage occur to your windows or doors we will arrange for a glazier or locksmith to attend to rectify the damage. Our Patrol Officer will remain at your home until it is secured.

A report is left for your records and insurance purposes.

How many times have you been on a journey and thought, did I turn the gas hob off? What about the light in the hall? Did I lock the shed? and a dozen other matters.

Now you don’t have to worry any more. Let us know and we will check it out for you. We will then contact you to put your mind at rest. Enjoy your time.


  • We support you and your family when you need it.
  • You can be away from home without having to worry about anything
  • Guaranteed response to a problem
  • Removes the risk of injury to your existing key holders, who may be family or friends, when they have to attend a call out
  • Any damage rectified, building left secure
  • Allows you to get on with your life