Prior to the commencement of this service a risk assessment is carried out of the premises concerned and any vulnerable points i.e. chemical stores, fire exits, plant rooms, etc. are noted and a computer checkpoint is placed in the vicinity.

A Uniformed Security Patrol Officer attends the premises for a pre-arranged number of visits at irregular hours throughout the quiet periods, weekends and Bank and Public Holidays.

The Officer will patrol the premises and using a handheld Data recorder “swipe” the installed data points and information including Date, Time, and Location are stored in the recorder.

The Officer will not only be on the lookout for any security problems but will also be vigilant for burst water mains, night lights not working, lights left on unnecessarily and report this in order to assist clients in reducing waste.

From time to time you may require extra protection and security for your staff – perhaps whilst taking an overnight stock delivery, carrying cash or late night working for example – and our patrol officers can supervise these processes and safely escort your staff while doing so.

You may choose to utilise the mobile patrol service for such contingencies including visiting your home or premises whilst you are absent on holiday or business.


  • A very cost effective way of increasing security
  • High profile, visible deterrent to would-be intruders
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums
  • Guaranteed response to a problem
  • Allows clients to concentrate on their core business
  • Can help to pay for itself by reducing clients overheads i.e. turning off lights, taps, etc.
  • Temperature readings, early morning deliveries can be included in this service