We look after the well-being of your vulnerable staff
We look after the well-being of your vulnerable staff

Companies are increasingly realising that taking their Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously is vital in today’s changing world. Many have introduced zero tolerance policies towards aggression and violence, but are recognising that the introduction of a policy alone is not enough to protect potentially vulnerable employees.

It is a fact that many businesses require their key staff to engage in activities that may require them to be on the premises at night or in the early hours alone.

Business managers recognise that they have a duty of care to make sure that the safety of those lone workers is monitored regularly. This is specially true if:

  • The last member of staff has concerns about locking and leaving the premises alone at night
  • A staff member has to work on their own either late at night or throughout the night
  • A person has to work alone at weekends or Bank Holidays

Cost effective solutions:

  1. Consider the Escorted Service to safeguard your staff and your property (see Patrol Services)
  2. We can set up your staff member on our computer system where they can dial in at an agreed time to ensure their safety. Should a call not be received a set protocol then kicks in
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