All personnel are fully trained to Industry Standards
All personnel are fully trained to Industry Standards

Intacept Security is totally committed to ensuring that all employees are adequately trained to fulfil their obligations.

The training programme is designed to equip each employee with the basic knowledge of security procedures relevant to their role plus a basic understanding of the law as it affects the Security Officer, an introduction the Health and Safety at Work Act, Fire and Emergencies and Customer Care.

Additional courses, including First Aid training and Fire Fighting, are arranged as appropriate and in line with individual customer’s requirements.

We ensure that at the end of each training course every recruit is individually assessed as to his/her capability in a written examination.

In addition, Intacept Security actively encourages a representative of the customer’s organisation to participate in the initial induction training programme by highlighting requirements that will be particular to the assignment and outlining their expectations.

All classroom training is supplemented by assignment training. Each employee, prior to being enlisted to a customer, completes a period of “on the job” training and no Security Officer is permitted to perform duties in an establishment capacity until such time as he/she is deemed competent by the appropriate person.

There is continual appraisal of all staff employed by Intacept Security by the security team’s Operational and Training Management, who will identify any need for refresher or remedial training.

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