We are an Equal Opportunities Employer with each candidate throughly vetted before appointment.
We are an Equal Opportunities Employer with each candidate thoroughly vetted before appointment.

Intacept Security is an equal opportunities employer and we do not discriminate against any applicant on the grounds of religion, ethnic origins, sex or marital status in breach of the Race Relations Act or Sex Discrimination Act (as may be amended from time to time).

Each Officer is recruited to perform a specific role and each role is carefully specified to ensure a thorough understanding of the skills and aptitudes required.

In the case of Uniformed Security Officers, all applicants must be:

  • Physically and mentally capable of undertaking every duty associated with the position for which they apply
  • In all cases, thoroughly screened for clearance to commence their employment

Initial interviews will be conducted by a Manager of Intacept Security and where appropriate a short list of suitable candidates will be prepared. It is the policy of the Company to offer an opportunity to all prospective customers to attend the final interview of the applicants and have input into the final selection.

Intacept Security adheres to all of the statutory requirements of BS 7858 with regard to vetting all employees. Each employee is screened for a period of 5 years or to school leaving age, whichever is appropriate and references are obtained for every period of employment. Gaps in employment history are vigorously pursued and periods of unemployment require formal declaration.

In addition, character references have to be supplied by the applicant from persons of standing within the community to whom they are not related and who have known them for at least two years.