Discover What It Takes to Join Intacept Security

We vet all candidates to ensure a candidate’s aptitude and ability matches the specific roles that we have on offer. Our industry standard training ensures that our staff are fully equipped to fulfil their job requirements. Learn more about each aspect of our Personnel procedures by following the links below or the sub menu to the right.

Recruitment &

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer with each candidate throughly vetted before appointment.

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All employees receive Induction Training as an introduction to the Company and the working standards expected. This includes a general overview of the appropriate laws, along with information about the SIA and general working practices. This leads to internal training as appropriate for the job role onto specific site training.

Security procedures along with a knowledge of the appropriate laws affecting Security Officers form the basis of our training.

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Job Vacancies &

Check to see our current Job Vacancies. Download our Employment Application Form (PDF Document) for all advertised positions and ‘spec’ enquiries.

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