Company History

The Company was founded in 1989 by Fred Milner.

Fred is ex-Military and a former Cambridgeshire Police Officer. Whilst in the Police he could see that a great deal of time was wasted when attending intruder alarm activations at business and commercial premises. On their attendance it was very common to find that they either had no information on key-holders or if they did they couldn’t be contacted. In addition, statistically about 98% of alarms are false which also contributed to the waste of time and money for both the Police and the business’s concerned.

He devised a system which would save the Police and business’s a great deal of time and money so he left the Police to provide a Key Holding and Emergency First Response Service for all properties, including private homes.

As the business started to grow he was asked to provide Security Officers for clients and then Mobile Patrols and continued in this way.

Intacept Security now has extended its area of operation to cover East Anglia and the East Midlands and is one of the largest privately owned security organisations in the area.

Regional Site Security
Here at Intacept Security, we offer site security & office security services and cover a range of areas:


  • Peterborough
  • Cambridge
  • Bedford
  • Huntingdon
  • St Ives
  • St Neots
  • Biggleswade
  • Spalding

Managing the Relationship
Intacept Security attributes its success to its ability to build working relationships with their clients.

The relationship with our clients is based on a knowledge of their organisation and its needs, combined with our ability to provide solutions to their security problems.

We appreciate that to build trust we need to provide a quality service at all levels. We are particularly aware that our service is only as good as the security personnel working full time on your sites and that is why we invest so much in recruiting, vetting, training and supporting these individuals.

At every level within Intacept Security and in every department, including support functions such as administration and accounts, trained quality personnel are always pleased to assist in any way possible.

By forming an effective working relationship we can become pro-active at a very early stage, both in improving our service levels and providing an efficient and cost effective service to our customers.

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